LP-5 Q&A

How do I set the tempo?

How do I rename/delete projects or loops?

In the browser slide left to reveal the edit buttons.

How do I record a loop?

  1. Choose an audio source from More/Input, or select LP-5 as output app in Audiobus.
  2. Select a slot and tap the Record button to arm for recording.
  3. Recording starts automatically on the next cycle’s downbeat. The loop length is defined by the current launch quantization (for example 2 Bar).

How do I import my own loops?

LP-5 supports audio loops in many different file formats, including WAVE, AIFF, CAF, MP3, M4A, and AAC. However, for the automatic tempo detection to work properly, the loop’s length in beats must be a power of two.

Note: LP-5 supports audio loops of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. beats in length.

File import from other apps:

In apps like Dropbox, AudioShare or Mail choose “Open In …” from the context menu of an audio file. Alternatively you can use the iOS pasteboard to import audio data from compatible apps.

File import from your desktop computer:

Copy the files to LP-5 using iTunes File Sharing as described here. Once a sample is uploaded it can be accessed through Import/Documents from a slot’s context menu.

How can I control LP-5 via MIDI?

By sending MIDI messages to LP-5 you can trigger scenes, start/stop playback, or control the mixer from external hardware. A complete list of messages recognized by LP-5 can be found a the bottom of the More/MIDI dialog.

After setting up and connecting your controller make sure that LP-5 responds the right MIDI Channel, and establish a connection to the appropriate device by enabling Voice Input.

How do I share a LP-5 project?

iTunes File Sharing allows you to copy files between LP-5 and your desktop computer. When you copy a LP-5 project package to disk it saves as a folder, not as a single file. To upload a project to LP-5 drag and drop the folder onto the Documents list in iTunes. Using the “Add…” button does not work.

Note: Use drag-and-drop to copy a folder from your computer to an app on your iOS device.

On your iOS device LP-5 project packages show up as single files, and you can — for example from the Mail or iCloud Drive app — use “Open In…” to add them to LP-5.