MoDrum for iOS

MoDrum Rhythm Composer – Synthesis-based Drum Machine for iOS

A beat-making app that features real-time synthesis of drum sounds that range from TR-808 style to real. As a synth and not sampler, sound characteristics can be tweaked from authentic to affected.

MoDrum for iOS is a virtual analog drum machine with a 32-step grid sequencer, plenty of sound-sculpting parameters, a tempo-matching delay effect, dynamic compression, reverb processor, sophisticated MIDI support, audio looper, performance recorder, and more.

Key Features

(∗) Feature not available on following devices: iPhone 3G or older, iPod touch 2G or older
(∗∗) Feature not available on following devices: iPhone 3GS or older, iPod touch 3G or older

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MoDrum for iPad/iPhone
Audiobus Compatible

MoDrum Rhythm Composer - finger

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